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The Water Cooler – Too Many Television Channels?

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Today’s question:

Do you think there are too many television channels and streaming services? Also, if you had to choose three channels or streaming services to watch/use for the rest of your life, which ones would you choose?

Talk about it….


Jeff (the other one) June 14, 2022 - 12:36 PM

In one aspect, it is a question of quantity over quality. While I would say there are not too many (who cares how many, if there is a market for it, so be it), there are very few that I view anyway. Of the top 3, Fox Business News, Food Network (I like the cooking competitions, and Triple D), and I think Discovery (whatever the channel that is showing Mike Rowe’s Dirty Jobs or Expedition Unknown). I use no streaming service.

Paul June 14, 2022 - 12:37 PM

I have 200+ channels. That is way too much when I mostly watch Foxnews, cnn, and cbs. I could watch these three for the rest of my live.

miguel June 14, 2022 - 12:50 PM

I hate Springsteen but “57 Channels (and nothin on)” contains some inherent wisdom. I maybe watch 9 of the 700+ I get with the cable package.

Exit 12A June 14, 2022 - 1:06 PM

This question sounds like a predictor of few State-run media channels.
Top 3?
Fox Business
Amazon Prime

Ricardoh June 14, 2022 - 1:31 PM

We have a relatively new TV and if you happen to hit the wrong controller button it goes to the TV channel selection place with hundreds of channels. The more they add to electronics the harder it is for me to comprehend. Out of all the channels we get we probably watch six plus Netflix.

Bob June 14, 2022 - 1:33 PM

Still say an a la carte TV service would change the game forever.

WC June 14, 2022 - 1:41 PM

Hundreds of channels and barely anything worth watching.

Aunt Barbara June 14, 2022 - 4:23 PM

I agree wc

Captain Bebops June 14, 2022 - 2:03 PM

It’s the tech industry’s “me too” which meant back in the day that if someone came up with a profitable idea everyone else tried to jump onboard and mimic it usually with less successful versions. With publicly held corporations if you don’t mimic then the stockholders complain. So we wind up with the mess we have now.

That also means that the streaming segment (SVOD) is too dynamic to pick three services. The ones you pick might not be around in a couple years. Case in point is CBS ViaCom trying to figure out whether to keep doing Showtime when they have Paramount+. They were talking about consolidating. But cable contracts tend to be sticky which means change can be a bit slow.

Then apparently none of the big media corporations got the memo about the coming pandemic prior to 2020 so they were caught short on content. Then they tried to second guess what people wanted to see during and after the pandemic. And as usual they were so out of touch with the general public they guessed wrong. That’s why there is also a lot of crap streaming.

I also don’t watch news on TV. I use the Internet for that and there is often reading involved.

As for “broadcast TV” that’s “day after” as it’s been for years streaming if there is anything at all that goes out over the airwaves worth watching.

jprcards June 14, 2022 - 2:29 PM

Story TV
Discovery ID

Outside of sports I’d be pretty good with those.

anon June 14, 2022 - 2:49 PM

People who pay for cable packages are wasting money.

Streaming whether free or paid comes out to be much cheaper, faster, more convenient, and even free streaming generally has HALF the ad-time of paid cable. Check out Tubi for a great free stream service.

Of course there are other ways to stream or acquire media.

Advertising is so abysmal and woke these days that I really can’t stand it and the sheer volume of it on cable is unacceptable.

Bad Nombre June 14, 2022 - 3:41 PM

I miss shortwave radio as it was before the end of the Cold War and advent of the Internet.

Randy June 14, 2022 - 4:12 PM

… too much junk that I never watch but have to pay for to get what I want

El D June 14, 2022 - 5:07 PM

1) NFL Red Zone during football season. ESPN the rest of the year.
2) KGO (ABC7) for local newscast plus live coverage of any emergency
3) Netflix for entertainment

Realist June 14, 2022 - 7:10 PM

Too many streaming options. Good shows I want to watch on services I don’t want to sign up for.

Reasonable June 15, 2022 - 7:33 AM

mostly watch history, science, discovery, channel 4 kron for local, some fox, cnbc. and for a different take on news i watch skynews, france 24, and al jazerra.

Hill June 15, 2022 - 11:50 AM

I currently have , Netflix, Hulu and Peacock. These three are all I need. I have had showtime , Disney and Paramount, which wasn’t really worth it to me. Out of the three I have , Netflix is the least watched.

paul June 15, 2022 - 12:18 PM

I have Directv (mainly for the NFL package). The great thing is I can hide channels. I hide most foreign language stations, PPV channels, infomercial/QVC type channels, religion channels, Directv advertising channels, all sports channels that I can’t see because they aren’t allowed in this region. This cuts out about 200 channels. I still pay for a bunch of channels that are dead weight.

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