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The Water Cooler – What Would You Purchase First If You Won $10M?


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Today’s question:


QUESTION: If you won $10 million dollars, what would be your first purchase?

Talk about it.


Cellophane October 28, 2022 - 12:14 PM - 12:14 PM

A home in another state.

Jeff (the other one) October 28, 2022 - 6:44 PM - 6:44 PM


Deb Shay October 29, 2022 - 8:04 AM - 8:04 AM

1. Pay off our house
2. Plunk cash down for a new Tesla
3. Dine out without looking at prices
4. Bank the remainder
5. Sleep like a baby

All in the same day!

TTD October 28, 2022 - 12:17 PM - 12:17 PM

I would pay cash for a house for each of my children and then fund the grandchildrens’ college account.

Concordjete October 28, 2022 - 1:03 PM - 1:03 PM

My father been putting money into the college fund for his grandchildren. It is a good investment.

he also put money into my AbleFund account. It is a special banking account for the people with disabilities. very similar to the college fund only that Able Fund allows you to spend money on specific items such as Medical, Housing, Employment, Education. Basic Living, Assistant Technology, Lawyers, Transportation, and life support. I like the Able Fund dose not go again the Social Security SSI unless you have $100K.

Roz October 28, 2022 - 12:21 PM - 12:21 PM

First, we would pay off our Daughter/Son-in-Law’s house in Colorado.
Then figure out the rest, little by little later, and to help good causes and us too.

Concordjete October 28, 2022 - 1:04 PM - 1:04 PM

I would also want to buy a house for relatives.

Simonpure October 28, 2022 - 7:42 PM - 7:42 PM

Thats sweet Roz…Thought they were renting for now.

Dawg October 28, 2022 - 12:24 PM - 12:24 PM

Probably a nice rustic home in another part of the state, somewhere rural. Maybe the Gold Country, anywhere that has a low population. Although I dislike a lot of California’s politics, It’s still the best state to live in, and with $10 M, I’d stick most of it in the bank and live off the interest, and I wouldn’t let the politics bother me too much. It would have to have a large garage though, I love building hot rods, so I need plenty of space for all my new projects, and to park my new Ferrari.

Exit 12A October 28, 2022 - 2:32 PM - 2:32 PM

Me too!
But I already have a Ferrari.

Dawg October 28, 2022 - 4:30 PM - 4:30 PM

In the mid 80s, I bought a ’78 Ferrari 308 GTS, but there was always something on it that needed fixing, and parts were hard to find.

Exit 12A October 28, 2022 - 6:05 PM - 6:05 PM

Ugh. The 308 and some of the 328s were carbureted. Very fussy.

Even the 328’s EFI was comparatively primitive plus the wacko dual distributors.

Maranello finally got it right with the 360 and F430… a nice blend of analog vs digital (computerized) systems. Plus, they designed a removable panel behind the seats to engine-out services (like belts and tensioners) are no longer required!

The interior and body? Well, that just the price we pay for having exotics.

nytemuvr October 28, 2022 - 12:39 PM - 12:39 PM

A modest house in the Pacific Northwest (MaCall, Id. maybe), another modest house in Flagstaff or Tucson and a big RV bus to travel between the two. I’d then hire a Financial Advisor. A .50 Barrett M95 would be nice to while away the time for my investments to grow.

Captain Bebops October 28, 2022 - 12:45 PM - 12:45 PM

Probably purchase some time with a consulting firm that handles winners of lotteries. It’s almost a burden to win that much because there are things that need to be done because they publish your name and city.

Old-school guy October 28, 2022 - 12:46 PM - 12:46 PM

Depending on how and where you won it, the first $4MM or so will go towards taxes. So the question is how to spend $6M. I’d move to a less restrictive state where I can have gas-powered stoves in my new kitchen and a four-car garage and keep buying gas-powered cars.

Superstitious Aloysius October 28, 2022 - 12:51 PM - 12:51 PM

I’d help my kids buy houses (but not buy them outright) and pay off their student loans.

Concordjete October 28, 2022 - 12:59 PM - 12:59 PM

First thing I wanna get is a single family home somewhere in Concord that close to BART walking distant. and go travel all over the world.

anon October 28, 2022 - 1:04 PM - 1:04 PM

I would buy a 10+ acre farm in Montana or Idaho.

Moo October 28, 2022 - 1:20 PM - 1:20 PM

Buy a 99cent store franchise and plop it down in the middle of Broadway Plaza.

S October 28, 2022 - 1:45 PM - 1:45 PM

Dreaming is nice, but in reality… The stress from managing that kind of money and making various decisions…… I think I’ll pass…

Although, I am running low on dental floss…

Hanne Jeppesen October 28, 2022 - 8:44 PM - 8:44 PM

I think I could deal with that kind of stress, I’m certainly willing to give it a try.

Exit 12A October 28, 2022 - 2:29 PM - 2:29 PM

Buildable rural acreage outside of the Peoples Republic of Khalifornia.

… in a red state where the government is limited and doesn’t interject itself into every stinkin’ aspect of peoples’ lives.

MeCrazyWoman October 28, 2022 - 3:58 PM - 3:58 PM

World cruise

Martinezmike October 28, 2022 - 4:52 PM - 4:52 PM

I would buy a melchizedek, and invite the citizens of claycord to a picnic in the park

Roz October 28, 2022 - 6:01 PM - 6:01 PM

I like that Idea!!

FPN October 28, 2022 - 5:10 PM - 5:10 PM

It’s not what I would buy, but what I would give away. The money would go to local animal shelter.

Chris October 28, 2022 - 5:15 PM - 5:15 PM

It would not be a purchase. I would pledge to give away 50% to causes that our family would feel is best for us and society.

Simonpure October 28, 2022 - 7:45 PM - 7:45 PM

You are showing a beautiful Chris…Very nice post!!!

domo October 28, 2022 - 6:41 PM - 6:41 PM

new car… nothing extravagent

Paul Barnes October 28, 2022 - 7:15 PM - 7:15 PM

A pacial estate outside of the hellhole called California….

Commonsensenor October 28, 2022 - 7:58 PM - 7:58 PM

A politician

Hanne Jeppesen October 28, 2022 - 8:50 PM - 8:50 PM

I would buy a nice 4 bedroom house in Benicia, I have lived in San Francisco, the Peninsula, Marin, Concord and Benicia, and Benicia is my favorite. I would then buy a weekend/vacation house in the Gold Country, probably Murphy’s or Columbia, have spend many fall weekend there and will go in a few weeks. Although I’m single I would want the house to be big enough so my daugther and family could visit or go there when I’m not there, so 3-4 bedrooms. I would help my daughter and son in law to buy a bigger house where the live southern California (Monrovia by Pasadena), I would also do something for my grandchildren and donate on a regular basis to charities that are important to me.

ClayDen October 28, 2022 - 10:37 PM - 10:37 PM

A Ferrari F430, with 3 pedals and a vacation home in Kauai big enough for our large family. $10M isn’t enough for the Ferrari I really want (a 250 GTO), as the last sale of one that I’m aware of went for $70M. I would also book a few Viking cruises.

El D October 28, 2022 - 11:09 PM - 11:09 PM

I have a disabled cousin. I’d pay off his mortgage and buy him a new car.

Gittyup October 28, 2022 - 11:34 PM - 11:34 PM

A wooden sailboat.

Concord74 October 29, 2022 - 8:55 AM - 8:55 AM

If I could I would like to buy some land out of California and build a home with high security and on at least 10-ac of space. But the first thing I would do with my winnings would be to donate $1.5M to my church and hope it will help the church to continue its function!

WC Resident October 29, 2022 - 9:47 AM - 9:47 AM

A subscription to

Badger October 29, 2022 - 2:50 PM - 2:50 PM

The French Laundry

Dorothy October 29, 2022 - 3:44 PM - 3:44 PM

Would that $10 million be before or after taxes? Hire a gardener who would do my yards EXACTLY the way I want it done and hire a cleaning service to do the house work. I don’t need a new house since mine is pretty much the way I want it. I’m sure there will be family members who would like a share of what is left.

Pattyb October 29, 2022 - 5:55 PM - 5:55 PM

First off I would send money to my family who are struggling. Then I would talk with my kids about where to buy a new home for me, them, and maybe a vacation home. After than charities and investments.

Dr. Jellyfinger October 29, 2022 - 6:20 PM - 6:20 PM

I’d purchase Claycord and allow people to say “Boysenberry”
Move over Elon Musk !

Led October 30, 2022 - 10:58 PM - 10:58 PM

Hire a good solid financial advisor…

But to answer the question in a more imaginative way… I would buy a house with a decent amount of property, maybe five to ten acres. I’m not near retirement and hope to be working well into old age (I’m an academic), so I need to stay near my job in Ventura County – got out of CoCo County last year. Then put away the rest in (1) college savings and trusts for my kids, (2) donations to charity and my church, (3) gifts to other family members, (4) some investment properties to generate some passive income.

I would definitely take my wife on a big Europe trip, for sure, and then maybe Hawaii.

Doh November 2, 2022 - 10:16 AM - 10:16 AM

First I’d plan for any taxes due. I’d set aside maybe 1% for celebration like a trip or general partying with friends and family. Then plan home repair/improvements and investing.

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