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Contra Costa Animal Services Seeking Adopters And Fosters As Shelter Reaches Capacity


All animals at Contra Costa Animal Services (CCAS) will be free to adopt during the month of February in an effort to clear kennel space with the county shelter reaching capacity. CCAS is also seeking qualified foster homes – specifically those that can accommodate large dog breeds – to help alleviate the current shelter population.

“We’ve reached a fever pitch,” says Dr. Katherine Mills, DVM, CCAS Chief of Shelter Medicine. “With an already crowded shelter and an average daily intake of nearly 20 animals each day, we’re asking for the community’s help in getting as many pets out of the shelter as we possibly can through adoption and foster.”

CCAS currently has over 100 pets seeking permanent or temporary homes. Interested adopters and fosters can view CCAS’s available pets at, or come to meet them at the CCAS adoption center in Martinez. A $25 licensing fee may apply for pet adoptions.

CCAS Adoption Center
4800 Imhoff Pl., Martinez, CA 94553
Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 10AM – 5PM
Wednesday 10AM – 7PM



Harry Dean February 7, 2023 - 1:42 PM - 1:42 PM

Good deal only if you’re looking for a Pitt Bull, German Shepherd or Siberian Husky….

this_that February 7, 2023 - 6:45 PM - 6:45 PM

Great work to care of these noble animals. I can see why the huskies are there. They look like wild wolves with the weird looking eyes.

Lindsey February 7, 2023 - 2:29 PM - 2:29 PM

I became a first time foster for the Contra Costa Animal Shelter a week ago. The shelter was so easy to work with! After filling out the online application they called to discuss within a day. We said what our parameters and interests were. They gave us lots of information about the dogs that we were considering to allow us to decide what would be the best fit. Then we got to meet a few of the dogs on site and interact with them. We selected the dog that we planned to take home a few days later and they also gave us toys, a crate, food to take home. The foster point of contact answered all of our questions, and checked in with us after we had the dog a few days. Overall they made the process very seamless. There has been no cost to us. The shelter also made it clear that if we need to cut it short and bring her back, or want to switch out for another dog who might be a better fit, we can do that. And it has been so wonderful knowing we are helping this dog get a break from the kennel and a better chance at being adopted as she can decompress and learn a bit. And personally it has been so fun to have a sweet dog around the home!
If you work from home, want to have a companion around without a 10 year commitment, or just see if you are ready for a full time dog, consider fostering! So many dogs are coming there every week and I hate the thought of them not having space.

SG February 8, 2023 - 2:10 PM - 2:10 PM

free dogs are prob there because they were free. It is shameful that ppl spent billions at Christmas but will not save even one animal life! 😢💔

Snappy97 February 8, 2023 - 3:38 PM - 3:38 PM

I didn’t see a link to their site.

Rebel February 12, 2023 - 11:10 AM - 11:10 AM

Mayor, its free foster and free adoptions this weekend! I just took advantage and fostered (and adopted) a new puppy!

Rebel February 12, 2023 - 11:11 AM - 11:11 AM

Sans the $25 license fee. Couldn’t be happier!

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