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The Water Cooler – Do You Think The State Will Ever Go Back To Punishing Burglary, Shoplifting Suspects?


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QUESTION: Do you think the state of California will ever go back to giving criminals real jail/prison time for crimes such as shoplifting, burglary, etc.?


Talk about it.


Simonpure June 1, 2023 - 12:11 PM - 12:11 PM

Not until voters wake up

Cellophane June 1, 2023 - 5:25 PM - 5:25 PM

The people’s vote is a whim from the past.

The elected are selected and confirmed long before anyone votes.

Voting is just a show that keeps the sheep happy.

Dawg June 1, 2023 - 12:30 PM - 12:30 PM

Only if the state of California will ever wise up, and go back to voting Republican. Even then, it will have to be a Republican with gumption, and is not intimidated by the WOKE mob. Then, on the first day in office, have the corrupt district attorney’s removed from office.

Old Timer June 1, 2023 - 12:37 PM - 12:37 PM

No it’s a free for all.The democrats and younger generation’s have ruined this state along with the entire country.Bring back the death penalty and get hard on criminals no exceptions. People have been brainwashed.

Original G June 1, 2023 - 12:41 PM - 12:41 PM

Not until DEMs are voted out, the only way.
Repeal Prop 47 ! ! !
If there is no threat of incarceration,
there is no deterrence to criminal behavior

Darwin June 1, 2023 - 1:13 PM - 1:13 PM

You are right! Democrats have to be voted out. They are too brainwashed to wake up or see what’s going on around them. Prop 47 and the Democrats are destroying this state and country.

Character over color.
MLK over BLM.
Controlling the boarder is not racist.
Coming to the USA is not a right.

Reasonable June 2, 2023 - 8:26 AM - 8:26 AM

If there is no incarceration there will most likely be more future victims.

To Do List June 1, 2023 - 12:56 PM - 12:56 PM

“Ever” is a very long time. I’ll just say definitely not in the next five years. I watch YouTubes of public meetings in places like Oakland where audience members at microphones harshly criticize the elected representatives about the crime and homelessness and get wild applause from the audience, yet there is zero doubt that almost everyone there including the angry speakers voted progressive Democrat and will do it again in the next election.

Exit 12A June 1, 2023 - 1:08 PM - 1:08 PM

No, not until voters realize progressive and liberal elected officials prioritize their own politics rather than public safety.

Paul June 1, 2023 - 1:13 PM - 1:13 PM

No. It costs money too much money to prosecute and jail people for minor crimes. It would be cheaper just to feed and give them drug so that they don’t steal.

there are threat of death penalty and harsh sentences, but they don’t stop criminal behavior!

Ricardoh June 1, 2023 - 1:24 PM - 1:24 PM

Judging from those who get on the news it won’t be cleaned up for a long time. Democrats keep thinking talking to crooks is all that is needed. The chance of normal people being elected is slim to none. I think the big problem is really good republicans have given up running for office in the coastal counties of California. San Francisco is short 600 police officers. Maybe the mayor will try to do something about that. She isn’t great, but better than most in the area.

jprcards June 1, 2023 - 1:30 PM - 1:30 PM

The only way for that to happen would be for the vast majority of voters to change the way that they vote. It would take more than just voting party. It would take a major move toward everybody becoming more involved and demanding that their property, their families and their rights be protected. It would also take holding those in office accountable if they do not follow through with that….Will that happen? I don’t see any avenue toward that presently. Too many people do not vote for what is in their own best interest. They don’t think that the way they vote and the rise in criminal activity with no consequences are related….I don’t know how you can fight that.

Commonsensenor June 1, 2023 - 1:44 PM - 1:44 PM

Did you EVER think we’d be having this as a discussion topic? Truly a sad day when we have to even talk about this subject. Disgusting just thinking about it. Time we sent the liberals packing to a 3rd world country, before we too are a 3rd world country.

Cellophane June 1, 2023 - 2:05 PM - 2:05 PM

When the people get sick and tired of all the nonsense and rise up and take down the political elitists, is when crime and criminals will be punished.

Every totalitarian government falls. It just depends on when the people have had enough.

The leash led in CA will take some time.

Jeff (the other one) June 1, 2023 - 2:18 PM - 2:18 PM

Not for a very long time, the reversal to a more civil society is so far away. It is not just that democrats have run this stated for so long, but they are corrupt, dictatorial, power hungry nannies. Until these crimes affect them personally in significant frequencies, they just won’t care. They do not have to live in the filth, the ever present threat of assault, violence or theft, or in view of the dying economic activity, so, they will go along telling Texans they need to control guns, or Floridians to come to California to kill their child, or telling goatherders they should be paid $170K per year so the goats can munch on dried grass, all the while saying it is because of injustice that groups of people can enter a store, take whatever the heck they want, up to a point, and even give a smack or 2 over the head if the store proprietor tries to stop them without ramification.

domo June 1, 2023 - 2:46 PM - 2:46 PM

Only if people wake up and stop voting for progressive lib incumbents and vote for officials that will actually do something

Dorothy June 1, 2023 - 2:54 PM - 2:54 PM

One can only hope.

American Citizen June 1, 2023 - 3:53 PM - 3:53 PM

I guess defund the police worked out great for these leftist politicians.

WC---Creeker June 1, 2023 - 4:51 PM - 4:51 PM

The politicians don’t care about the voters, the voters don’t get them promoted (more power), their party and party donors do that. To succeed they need to do what that party and party donors expect of them. If it’s being soft on crime to improve social justice they will do that, they will talk about it to show they are doing things the party and party donors want them to do. This get’s them more donations in the future and possibly at the next election a chance to move up the ladder. They don’t care what the voters want and most people are such sheep they will support their party no matter if their daily lives are started to get worse around them.

jprcards June 1, 2023 - 5:38 PM - 5:38 PM

That is true.

raisin barr June 1, 2023 - 6:39 PM - 6:39 PM

Tiered voting could dismantle our unresponsive 2 party system. It would allow candidates to represent the will of the people, instead of pandering to the 2 parties that have suffocated all of use. One more thing, lobbyists money would be no longer available.

Just Saying June 1, 2023 - 4:57 PM - 4:57 PM

We could vote in 2 new laws that would probably take care of the problem. One is called “stand your ground” the other is called “ open carry”

Cellophane June 1, 2023 - 6:28 PM - 6:28 PM

#1 Best Answer, Just Saying.

The Fearless Spectator June 1, 2023 - 5:43 PM - 5:43 PM

Not until someone they care about get injured by a burglar or shoplifter.
A couple of posts above bring up the death penalty, which as we all know, Newsom welched on, betraying voters.
To quote Ron White, “California doesn’t need an electric chair, it needs electric bleachers.”

bobo June 1, 2023 - 6:57 PM - 6:57 PM
Aunt Barbara June 1, 2023 - 9:55 PM - 9:55 PM

It will happen when senile Biden stops falling over

Amy June 1, 2023 - 10:04 PM - 10:04 PM

Prop. 47 was fraudulently billed as “The Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act””. If voters bothered to read what they are voting for it would not have passed.

Jojo The Circus Clown June 1, 2023 - 10:43 PM - 10:43 PM

Bring on Detective Callahan …

No Excuses June 2, 2023 - 1:10 AM - 1:10 AM

I really do not know the answer to this one… Besides, I’m laughing about this story being right next to the story about how ‘the local District Attorney has planned a nine week course (yes, you read that right) — a nine week course to teach anyone who may be interested, “HOW THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM WORKS.”
[just as if it actually still does]

The Fearless Spectator June 2, 2023 - 7:08 AM - 7:08 AM

That was a misprint. The actual course title is: “How To WORK The Criminal Justice System.”

No Excuses June 2, 2023 - 4:36 PM - 4:36 PM


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