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Claycord – Talk About Whatever – March 1, 2024


Happy Friday to all the wonderful citizens in the City of Claycord.

This is a post with no subject, you can talk about whatever you want. If breaking news happens (such as a shooting, earthquake, etc.), or you hear about something newsworthy, feel free to post it here.

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Cowellian March 1, 2024 - 7:05 PM - 7:05 PM

Cowellian’s first.
Happy March!

Atticus Thraxx March 1, 2024 - 9:26 PM - 9:26 PM

I like when you’re first. Gives me a reference point for the weekend. Now if S will come up with a poll of wacky foods, I’m good till Wednesday.
I saw a guy in a wheelchair hold a door open for someone today and it made me think no matter the dark days that may or may not be ahead, just enough people will keep their humanity come heck or high water. Damn I hope I’m one of them.
Five big helpings of fresh vegetables and fruit most days, floss your gums, not your teeth, say your prayers and treat the air, earth and water like your momma’s purse and you’ll be fine. 🫡🇺🇸 ❤️

Hanne Jeppesen March 1, 2024 - 9:42 PM - 9:42 PM

And a comment from me about The Band, and you couldn’t ask for more.

Atticus Thraxx March 2, 2024 - 6:56 PM - 6:56 PM

Part of my understands Hanne, though the The Band is a big reach for me on a good day. There are times I want to grab people and shake them to try and make them understand the genius of Led Zeppelin or John Coltrane but most days I restrain myself. And I will lose my s**t about Mozarts sonnets if I’ve had a glass of wine too many.
It’s cool, we’re only human. Frailty is part of the deal.

Hanne Jeppesen March 2, 2024 - 9:06 PM - 9:06 PM

John Coltrane, perhaps we should have a discussion about jazz. When I was a teenager in Denmark that is what my friends and I were into. Copenhagen (I grew up 30 miles south) was one of the Europe’s jazz capital. American great Dexter Gordon lived in Denmark for years and played in Montmatre, Copenhagen popular jazz club often. My friends and I would take the bus or train into Copenhagen to hear him. Ben Webster and many great jazz musician played there. Also my fellow Dane bass player Niels Henning Orsted Pedersen was part of the group (he was just a teenager, I knew him from a boarding school I went to, his dad was the head master. Later Niels Henning played often with Oscar Peterson. Some of my favorite jazz musician other than those mentioned, Charlie Parker, The Modern Jazz Quintet, Dizzy Gillespie. I didn’t really like rock and roll that much until I heard Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts, then things changed, The Doors, who I also have a slight obsession with, especially Jim Morrison (whose good looking rock stars, who can restist). I liked The Band from the first time I heard “Up on Cripple Creek”, then this summer I read Robbie Robertson’s book, and got very interested in the story of The Band, and then I revisited their music, some I forgot, but also discovered some I didn’t know about.

S March 2, 2024 - 6:28 AM - 6:28 AM

Ask, and ye’ shall…

Atticus Thraxx March 2, 2024 - 6:57 PM - 6:57 PM

As if I could stop you….😎

Roz March 2, 2024 - 3:51 AM - 3:51 AM

Yeah, for March, … Spring is around the Corner!

Agree! 🙂

Original G March 1, 2024 - 7:29 PM - 7:29 PM

Possible with colder temperatures and heavy snow fall expected Union Pacific might breakout Rotary Snow Plows. Sound they make when operating is very unique.
Below video click on …more for nice write up.

Dorothy March 1, 2024 - 8:32 PM - 8:32 PM

2 book reviews: 1 – I Will Fear No Evil, Robert A. Heinlein, 1970. In this on Heinlein seems to be influenced by free love of the hippies and good old Frankenstein. He is an old man with a dying body and still active brain. She is a young woman who is attacked and left brain dead. Rush body to hospital, rush old man there before his body gives out. Transfer his brain into her head. Now you have a young body with a new, but old, brain. And the very loving sex is passed around. Not what you would call hot sex, just (?) very accepting by everyone helping the poor dear to be a woman. Don’t let your glasses get steamed up.

2 – The Cat Who Walks Through Walls. Robert A. Heinlein, 1985. Apparently still channeling the hippie area but much less than the one above. She is on a mission and marries him after first date. He finds out later that he is important to the success of her mission. Lot of mayhem, changing universes, time travel, not much time for a honeymoon but they try. I suggest this not be read quickly or you could lose tract of where/when and even who you are in the story.

Atticus Thraxx March 1, 2024 - 9:32 PM - 9:32 PM

An extraordinary human. Read the whole thing.

Atticus Thraxx March 1, 2024 - 10:26 PM - 10:26 PM

You guys missed my birthday, but Christmas is less than 300 days away. Hook a brother up:

Roz March 2, 2024 - 3:54 AM - 3:54 AM

When is your Birthday?
My Hubby would LOVE that Toy, LOL!

Kentucky Derby March 2, 2024 - 9:17 AM - 9:17 AM

After the 13th and before the 15th.

Atticus Thraxx March 2, 2024 - 7:25 PM - 7:25 PM

Hmmm…You knew when it was and still no gift? That hurts. 😉

Atticus Thraxx March 2, 2024 - 7:00 PM - 7:00 PM

And I think I’d love you and your husband. And a bonus link, notice the quick function check to verify trigger function and then the empty magazine load and verify to finish. A craftsman.

S March 2, 2024 - 6:26 AM - 6:26 AM

Pick One:
A) Apple Butter on Toast
B) Pear Butter on Toast
C) Yuck

Captain Bebops March 2, 2024 - 9:33 AM - 9:33 AM

Probably A over B but I prefer actual butter on toast, strawberry or blueberry preserves along with it. Cream cheese is also a good substitute for butter. Bon Appetite! 😋

Dawg March 2, 2024 - 10:39 AM - 10:39 AM

Apple butter with hazelnut butter on a toasted sandwich. Moreover, pears pair well with pecan butter.

Atticus Thraxx March 2, 2024 - 7:02 PM - 7:02 PM

I’ve never had Pear Butter and that just illustrates how small my world probably is. Character flaw I need to remedy. 👊

S March 3, 2024 - 7:33 AM - 7:33 AM

spread thick on white toast oozing with melted butter

Jjshawk March 3, 2024 - 9:14 PM - 9:14 PM

“D” – I’ve never tried, “Apple Butter” or “Pear Butter”.

The Professor March 5, 2024 - 2:52 PM - 2:52 PM

Apple butter on a slice of Havarti. It’s really good!
Learned that trick while working at Hickey Farts in Sun Valley.

DOH March 2, 2024 - 8:48 AM - 8:48 AM

Where are the Girl Scout cookies? I used their online cookie finder to visit sales spots and no one is there. I can understand if they sell out they will leave early. But when I visit a specific Safeway 1/2 after their start time, allowing for delays, and no one is there then I believe someone is not teaching the girls responsibly.

The cookie finder only lists 2 sites per day per zip code. It is as if they are not trying to sell cookies. I remember when the girls would go door to door pulling wagons or Mom is nearby with a car full of cookies. Another year without Thin Mints.

Ancient Mariner March 2, 2024 - 9:20 AM - 9:20 AM

They set up a stand on the corner outside my work and then I saw more outside the Contra Costa Blvd., so they’re around – I didn’t even know it was cookie season.
Got my Thin Mints!

Dr. Jellyfinger March 3, 2024 - 8:20 PM - 8:20 PM

I’m sure it’s all perfectly innocent but I’m not helping Doh find Girl Scouts.

Atticus Thraxx March 5, 2024 - 7:53 PM - 7:53 PM

Isn’t that precious. Jelly if it turns out there’s special place in hell for people who hate on Girl Scouts, I’ll do my best to defend you and all, but that’s a tough go. And I’m tired.

Dr. Jellyfinger March 7, 2024 - 7:27 AM - 7:27 AM

I have nothing against the Girl Scouts…. it’s DOH I’m not sure of.

The Fearless Spectator March 2, 2024 - 9:48 AM - 9:48 AM

Check out front of marijuana dispensaries.

Jeff (the other one) March 2, 2024 - 12:15 PM - 12:15 PM

Safeway on Ygnacio in WC had Scouts selling a couple days ago. I’ll be darned if I can remember the street, maybe Minert, had a sign out front advertising cookies (assumption being you knock on the door).

your neighbor the immigrant March 2, 2024 - 10:37 PM - 10:37 PM

Thats where I saw them last Sunday early around 9am.

Hayden Barsotti March 2, 2024 - 12:49 PM - 12:49 PM

I stopped buying these cookies a while back since they decided to go woke. The Girl Scouts support Planned Parenthood. Sorry if some of you are offended. I would rather give my money to better organizations.

The Old Goat March 2, 2024 - 4:17 PM - 4:17 PM

You should be ashamed of yourself, letting your misguided politics get in the way of helping our children.

Dr. Jellyfinger March 6, 2024 - 5:17 PM - 5:17 PM

Helping the children lucky enough to have actually made it all the way to birth that is.

Atticus Thraxx March 2, 2024 - 7:29 PM - 7:29 PM

So you guys who are always mad about stuff. How do you keep track of all the people you’re mad at? Do you use MS One Note? Or a spreadsheet? Written in blood on your living room walls? Seems like a lot to track. 🙂

Anon March 4, 2024 - 6:38 PM - 6:38 PM

What’s it matter how I track Where I choose to spend my money?
Last I checked, Raytheon & Girl Scouts have partnered up.
No thanks. I do Not support woke or DEI garbage.

Atticus Thraxx March 5, 2024 - 7:57 PM - 7:57 PM

By all means spend your money as you see fit. But I reserve the right to mock you when you trumpet it publically. Which I’m sure plays right into the victimology narrative of the new right, but I’m cool with that. A place for everything, and everything in it’s place, right? 🙂

DOH March 5, 2024 - 1:36 PM - 1:36 PM

Found them on Sunday. Apparently some girls didn’t show up as promised on the Cookie Finder schedule. Plus not all troops notify on Cookie Finder. I got my Thin Mints so life is good. 🙂

Dr. Jellyfinger March 7, 2024 - 7:30 AM - 7:30 AM

Try asking a cab driver or a bartender.

The Professor March 6, 2024 - 7:45 AM - 7:45 AM

You’re looking for them in the wrong places. They are outside of grocery stores, not liquor stores or adult bookstores.

Thelastunicorn March 2, 2024 - 9:25 AM - 9:25 AM

What happen at Dave n busters last night I saw a ambulance and police

your neighbor the immigrant March 2, 2024 - 10:43 PM - 10:43 PM
Watching the live camaras on the Sierra up on 80. Amazing to see so much snow and wind. I don’t think I could live up in those areas. I come from a country where cold is about 68 degrees 😄

your neighbor the immigrant March 2, 2024 - 10:47 PM - 10:47 PM

Watching the live camaras up on the Sierra on intestate 80. Amazing to see no one one the heavy snow and windy road. I don’t think I could live up on those areas, I come from a country where cold is about 68 degrees.
Could you live or have you live in snowy areas before?

Atticus Thraxx March 4, 2024 - 8:00 PM - 8:00 PM

I have. It sucks. You move eventually, if you’re sane.

whenwilltheylearn March 3, 2024 - 3:14 AM - 3:14 AM

how come everytime i click an article here to read it gives me a full screen ad that I didnt click on?
Anyone have the same thing happen? March 3, 2024 - 7:08 AM - 7:08 AM

We’re working on getting rid of that. Sorry about that. Thanks for your patience.

S March 3, 2024 - 7:56 AM - 7:56 AM

Ah, good to know
Thank you
I thought it was just my internet provider at home
Doesn’t happen when I’m out and about…..

Dawg March 3, 2024 - 2:40 PM - 2:40 PM

Google “Adblock Plus,” You can download it for free and it will block most ads.

The Old Goat March 4, 2024 - 11:47 AM - 11:47 AM

Will AdBlock also block the Facebook ads that are sure to come, with the new Message Board here on Claycord?

Dr. Jellyfinger March 5, 2024 - 7:08 AM - 7:08 AM

Eggs cost as much as gasoline or even more than gas these days.
I wonder how difficult and costly could it possibly be to manufacture eggs?

Captain Bebops March 5, 2024 - 9:25 AM - 9:25 AM

It’s “global warming”. It’s the cold weather as hens don’t lay much with it. Remember though a couple years ago when there was an egg shortage but it wasn’t the winter temps but a feed that was being used that the chickens didn’t like.

Dr. Jellyfinger March 6, 2024 - 5:21 PM - 5:21 PM

The chickens sound alot like my ex wife.
If she didn’t like the food I prepared nothing got laid that night.

Original G March 6, 2024 - 6:38 PM - 6:38 PM
The Old Goat March 8, 2024 - 10:04 AM - 10:04 AM

What’s going on with the continued increase in gasoline prices, AND the continued decrease in oil prices? Gas has gone from $3.65 to $4.19 in less than 2 weeks.

Dr. Jellyfinger March 8, 2024 - 5:36 PM - 5:36 PM

Just because it’s time to watch it again…. also, let’s count ….I say the Charger lost 5 hubcaps during the chase!

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