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Claycord.com has been Contra Costa County’s Most Read News site since 2007.

Our advertising plans are specifically designed to support and help our local businesses. No business is too small. At only $3 per 1,000 readers*.  Nowhere else can you achieve such impact or efficiency with your advertising. If your business or event serves Contra Costa County, then Claycord.com is the place to advertise!


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Claycord.com Audience: The largest source for reaching your local customer.

About your Banners

  • All banners will link to your website or Facebook page.
  • Banners may contain multiple slides
  • You may rotate as many creatives as you like
  • You may change creative as often as you like
  • Customized schedules: You may target specific communities, days, hours of day for your ads to appear.
  • We can track your ads response rate to inform you of the better performing or under-performing banners for creative updating.
  • Claycord audiences can be reached at home or at work
  • With 64,000 followers on Facebook, ask about our Facebook advertising program



If you are a 501-(c)(3) organization and wish to advertise your organization or event, Claycord will match your advertising.

For more information on advertising contact our Advertising Manager:

david@claycord.com or call 925-255-2123

Ask about our Specials!

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