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UPDATE: Lafayette BART Station Reopens After Person Dies On Tracks – Trains Now Running On Time


BART is recovering from the closure of the Lafayette station Tuesday morning after the death of someone who intentionally entered the trackway, officials with the transit agency said.

As we first reported, BART sent out an alert just before 6:30 a.m. that the station was closed due to a potential collision between a train and a person in the trackway.

According to BART spokeswoman Cheryl Stalter, there is no foul play suspected in the person’s death and the person may have been suffering from a mental health crisis.


The Contra Costa County coroner’s office responded to the station by 7:20 a.m., according to Stalter.

As a result of the station closure, there were major delays on the Antioch line in both the San Francisco International Airport and Antioch directions as trains single-tracked through the area without stopping.

The delays dwindled to about 10 minutes as of late Tuesday morning. Trains resumed making normal stops at the Lafayette station and were no longer single-tracking through the station.


Ricardoh January 24, 2023 - 11:22 AM - 11:22 AM

I could pick a better way to go. Even a swan dive off of the Golden Gate would be better.

this_that January 24, 2023 - 12:30 PM - 12:30 PM

Wow, that’s pretty dark.

me January 25, 2023 - 7:37 PM - 7:37 PM

LMAOO gotta love dark humor

Original G January 24, 2023 - 2:03 PM - 2:03 PM

Is unfortunate people are so reluctant to seek mental health.
Break an ankle, it’s perfectly acceptable to seek medical care.

Neighbor January 24, 2023 - 3:09 PM - 3:09 PM

Mental health issues are not usually a simple cure. Definitely not the same as fixing a broken bone.

Original G January 24, 2023 - 3:58 PM - 3:58 PM

Problem is widely held stigma, which prevents many from seeking mental health care.
Too bad mental health isn’t pushed as much as left’s woke agenda in schools.

Sally Jorgensen January 24, 2023 - 6:21 PM - 6:21 PM

I am very shocked, not to mention, shocked at many of the absolutely insensitive and inhumane comments made by a few people on this post.

How can any of you call yourselves human let alone look in the mirror with any pride? Despicable doesn’t even remotely come close to describe your lack of humanity!

To think that you are more concerned about being inconvenienced than about a person who committed suicide, not to mention, what your atrocious comments must feel like to the deceased loved ones, is beyond appalling.

If any of you had a family member who either suffered from depression and or a loved one who committed suicide you would not be so careless and cavalier as you are with your comments.

What has happened to all of you to be so heartless?

tashaj January 24, 2023 - 11:22 PM - 11:22 PM

Do you have a family member who worked on a railroad and had to deal with what remains of a person who – accidentally or intentionally – walked in front of a moving train?
Guess not.
If you did, you wouldn’t call it “being inconvenienced”.
And instead of lecturing others about their lack of humanity, you would be thinking about what this person did to the BART train operator. Whose only fault in this situation is that he or she showed up to work this morning.

Cowellian January 25, 2023 - 7:15 AM - 7:15 AM

Stow your outrage, Sally!
I have lost friends to suicide, and I can appreciate the anguish and desperation that led them to that point. I have sympathy for the friends and families that they left behind, as well as all the people who were inconvenienced. They are all victims.
But any person who intentionally forces an innocent bystander to be a party in their own suicide is evil. That is what is appalling!

Jessica January 24, 2023 - 7:02 PM - 7:02 PM

For one thing, mental health services are difficult to come by for lower income people (and people with mental health issues often are in a lower income bracket).

When I was a single mom trying to get services for my son, who was having a difficult time transitioning from my divorce with his father, I had to try several different physicians who offered sliding scale fees, and then we were still on the hook for hundreds a month in medical bills. After months of trying we only found one person who was covered by insurance with one available time left. And yes, the insurance provider I had at the time refused to point me straight to them and required referral after referral, most out-of-pocket for me. The therapy did wonders for my son, but unfortunately mental health services aren’t a prioritized part of health coverage anymore.

Dr. Jellyfinger January 24, 2023 - 2:04 PM - 2:04 PM

What an inconsiderate way to bump yourself off!

Original G January 24, 2023 - 4:10 PM - 4:10 PM

When pain of today is greater than the pain of tomorrow, things happen

American Citizen January 24, 2023 - 3:28 PM - 3:28 PM

What kind of an inconsiderate person does this? Why don’t you just do this at your own house instead of inconveniencing thousands of people during their commute? Also, possibly impacting millions of dollars in productivity.

Angry American January 24, 2023 - 4:39 PM - 4:39 PM

only way out? Wow, poor soul. RIP, life ain’t fare to anyone.

Exit 12A January 24, 2023 - 5:39 PM - 5:39 PM

Suicide Solution:
Suicide is for quitters… non-hackers, weak-minded, and non-resilient persons.

Martinezmike January 24, 2023 - 8:46 PM - 8:46 PM

Any mans death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and thereforth…

Sally Jorgensen January 25, 2023 - 10:10 AM - 10:10 AM

@Tashag and Cowellian, I have lost three friends to suicide and in every case, those who found them and those who loved them, suffered, no doubt. But to say those who commit evil under the circumstances that this individual did is evil, is ridiculous.

To commit suicide, one has to be so distraught that they are out of their minds regarding rationale or otherwise. The vast majority of those who commit suicide aren’t aware of the pain others will feel as their own pain is too great to understand that concept. I also know this first hand as I had another friend who tried to commit suicide but failed, thank goodness, but lived to tell me and others about the frame of mind he was in.

Of course, each case is different, but the immense emotional and psychological pain for those who commit suicide is no doubt so overwhelming that they can’t think logically or rationally.

Let’s just hope that they are at peace and those unfortunate enough to find them afterwards have the strength to overcome that extreme traumatic experience, too.

Cowellian January 25, 2023 - 10:55 AM - 10:55 AM

Your making excuses for evil is what’s ridiculous.


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