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FDA Panel Rejects Plan To Give COVID Booster Shots To Most Americans, Endorses Booster Shot Plan For 65+ And High-Risk


A federal advisory panel overwhelmingly rejected a plan Friday to give Pfizer COVID-19 booster shots to most Americans, but it endorsed the extra shots for those who are 65 or older or run a high risk of severe disease, according to a report by the Associated Press.

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Never Enough September 17, 2021 - 2:04 PM - 2:04 PM

I know many don’t trust FDA but this should show you they are objective. The administration wanted the booster but FDA made a clear ruling based on science.

Anon September 17, 2021 - 4:41 PM - 4:41 PM

Does your memory not go further than 2 weeks??

2 FDA employees resigned.

BORbeliever September 17, 2021 - 5:45 PM - 5:45 PM

@Anon, What’s your point? The two FDA employees who resigned weren’t just any old employees, they were the director and deputy-director of the FDA Office of Vaccines Research and Review. They were very much involved in this decision. They aren’t vacating their roles until late in the year. They probably resigned to get ahead of the fallout they know will be coming to the FDA (from the Biden administration) over this decision.

Jeff (the other one) September 17, 2021 - 7:52 PM - 7:52 PM

These are advisory committees, often used (at least with some indications) if the data from the clinical trial(s) are not super compelling, or there are safety signals, or the endpoint is more of a surrogate. I am too tired to read the briefing documents, which are posted on the FDA website.

concord grape September 17, 2021 - 2:32 PM - 2:32 PM

“The decision was made by an influential committee of outside experts.” Great.

BORbeliever September 17, 2021 - 2:34 PM - 2:34 PM

This is a bad day for Biden…Pentagon admits US airstrike killed children in Kabul last month, France recalls it’s ambassadors to the US, and now the FDA votes against boosters which Biden was going to roll out next week.

Joe’s ok though…he’s on vacation enjoying his ice cream

The Fearless Spectator September 17, 2021 - 4:22 PM - 4:22 PM

The good news is Joe doesn’t know it’s a bad day.
In fact he doesn’t know what day it is.

Anonymous September 17, 2021 - 6:53 PM - 6:53 PM

Biden sure loves his ice cream. Except with nuts.

chuckie the troll September 17, 2021 - 3:54 PM - 3:54 PM

But Biden said…kinda like what he said about getting all Americans out of Afghanistan. He should stick to what he knows best- ice cream.

Bobfished September 17, 2021 - 4:53 PM - 4:53 PM

Well you said it Joe, the buck stops with you!
Joe Biden and his administration Killed 10 Civilians, Including 7 Children, In Failed Strike On Alleged ISIS Target, Pentagon Confirms. He did this to deflect attention away from his withdraw fiasco!

Anonymous September 17, 2021 - 6:57 PM - 6:57 PM

What better way to deflect attention away from one’s incompetence than to murder 7 children due to one’s incompetence?

Jojo The Circus Clown September 17, 2021 - 6:20 PM - 6:20 PM

Uh … is anybody paying any attention to what is going on with China and the West Pacific … looks to me like there is a “pivot” from Afghanistan to China. That would not be a good thing. Don’t think for a minute the military industrial complex is on holiday. Sighhhh

Sam September 17, 2021 - 6:47 PM - 6:47 PM

Sounds like they are trying to kill grandma. Oh the irony.

Yoyohop September 17, 2021 - 7:40 PM - 7:40 PM

Insane… They tried to approve boosters from a sample size of around 300 people, over the course of a couple months.

JaguarCat86 September 18, 2021 - 6:24 PM - 6:24 PM

Men who cant respect women and child molesters should have a castration period. The problem is you cant cure the sickness in his mind, so I would suggest a Labotomy.

graceful September 18, 2021 - 10:27 PM - 10:27 PM

Do the math. They don’t know long term effects, they are admitting that and they also said there is not enough data. Apparently enough to know that someone 65 and older has time on their side that side affects are not a time issue for them, because they know you are only here for 20 more years….
hey under 65? not enough data, well because time is not on the side of a young person, long term side effects mean more to a 30 year old.
Would it make more sense to you if it was reverse? Boosters okay for under 65 but not over, because the data is showing side effects are found out on the short term? Yea its making more sense now isnt it?

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