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Contra Costa County Residents With Storm Damage Can Potentially Qualify For Aid

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Contra Costa County is asking residents with recent storm damage to their property or business to come forward to see if they qualify for aid.

The county said people within a city’s jurisdiction should reach out to their city to report damage, but anyone within the county can go here to report damage and see if they qualify for assistance.

County officials say people should first contact their insurance company to determine what resources might be available. They also say keep track of the damage and take photos of structural and content damage. The county is looking into available resources.

The county public works department doesn’t remove debris or clean up private property.


In addition to a disaster proclamation by the county, seven cities have proclaimed local emergencies due to impact severity within those jurisdictions: Antioch, Danville, Lafayette, Martinez, Moraga, Richmond, and Walnut Creek.

The county said its preliminary estimate of the widespread impact throughout the county, including unincorporated areas, is about $12 million in road and debris cleanup so far.

Individual disaster recovery assistance may be available only if specific damage thresholds are met within the county.

Securing financial assistance is a lengthy process and should not be expected, as it’s not yet available, but reporting damage will help support the cause for recovery money.


The county asks people to prepare for future storms by signing up for emergency alerts through the Community Warning System at

Several relief agencies are staffing a free public hotline to request storm cleanup through Friday at (844) 965-1386.

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Debbie J January 27, 2023 - 10:51 AM - 10:51 AM

Were you aware that your vehicle can be stolen without the police wanting to file a stolen police report? Well mine was by a smooth taking kid and his father supposedly. Now I doubt they weren’t in kahootz to just take advantage of me go ahead I’m the idiot who thought because he left his vehicle with me and his keys and $500 deposit I was safe to let him take my car on a test drive well I haven’t seen it since and his car turned out was stolen. All the more reason to think for sure my truck was stolen from me. Concord police still refused to file it as stolen. Well according to the DMV they registered it at AAA and now own it. What? I am shocked to think a vehicle I was wanting $5000 for was sold for the meager deposit I held while he test drove it to show his dad who was wanting a truck….how can fraud and forgery go unanswered? Ask the Concord police who I visited several times to get help from..and was refused every time! I’m shocked that it was that easy to steal. Now I know…I’m a fool for trusting a stranger and should have known better…but cmon that easy to transfer without the title or a receipt or even my signature…why bother the police have bigger things to deal with right! Well watch your car because it is that easy apparently and now I have to go to court to see if they will even help me…yes it’s insured but without a report my insurance won’t cover it…

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