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The Water Cooler – What’s The Most You’ve Ever Paid To Attend A Sporting Event Or Concert?


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QUESTION: What’s the most amount of money you’ve spent to attend a sporting event or concert, and did you enjoy the experience?


Talk about it.


Hanne Jeppesen February 12, 2024 - 12:23 PM - 12:23 PM

I been to some great concers in this area, Rolling Stone in 94, Bob Seger, John Cougar Mellenkamp, and Bruce Sprinsteen in the late eigthies at Shoreline, it was by lottery and I got lucky. In the late seventies Peter Seeger and Arlo Guthrie in Berkeley. I frankly don’t remember how much I paid for those, probably the Rolling Stones were they most expensive of those. However, I remember in 2004 or early 2005, my neigbhor in Benicia paid $100.00 to see Oscar Peterson and his trio at Yoshi’s in Oakland. It seemed a bit steep, but I have been an Oscar Peterson fan for years, and his bassist Niels Henning Orsted Pedersen is a fellow Dane, that I actually knew from Denmark. When I was 16 I went to a boarding school for the summer, and Niels Henning’s dad was the head master, he was 15 at the time and already playing at a famous jazz club in Copenhagen. Unfortunately not long after that concert Niels Hennig died of a heart attack at only 58 years old, such a loss to the jazz world. Funny when my neighbor and I decided to pay $100.00 to see them, we thought that it would be our last chance to see Oscar Peterson. I was able to send a note to Niels Henning about my stay at his dad’s school, he shook my hand and sign a cd with him and Oscar Peterson. Great experience.
While living in Denmark I saw Niels Henning several times at a famous jazz club (Montmatre) in Copenhagen where he played with the great saxophonist Dexter Gordon, who lived in Denmark for a many years.

S February 12, 2024 - 12:54 PM - 12:54 PM

Wow, couldn’t even tell ya, it’s been so long.
Remembering 1/2 price Family Monday nights at the Coliseum for the Oakland A’s…. seems $2.50 for a bleacher seat?
3 World Series in a Row ! Good Fun !

Exit 12A February 12, 2024 - 3:59 PM - 3:59 PM

Iron Maiden – $280 for premium seats

redrazor February 13, 2024 - 12:08 PM - 12:08 PM

Hey there S: I saw everyone of those home games in Oakland! Super fun! Sat only 8 rows behind Charly Finley.

S February 14, 2024 - 11:05 AM - 11:05 AM

That’s neat…..
Charlie O was a character…
I’m not a sports fan, but the excitement then was incredible…..
Was good family time !

Exit 12A February 12, 2024 - 4:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Iron Maiden – $280 for premium seats

Dawg February 12, 2024 - 4:00 PM - 4:00 PM

I think it cost me a buck when I saw the Dave Clark Five back in ’64, that was probably the cheapest. The most I ever paid is five bucks at the Pavilion in the 80s. The last concert I saw was for free at the Alameda County Fair.
I had a friend who lived across the street from Kezar stadium, and we would sit on the roof of her apartment building and watched the Niners. We also used to sit on the hill near Candlestick and watch the Giants. We had a transistor radio so we could hear the game. When I was a little kid, my dad took me to Seals Stadium, I think it cost fifty cents.

nytemuvr February 13, 2024 - 9:53 PM - 9:53 PM

@DAWG.….My Dad would take me to Seals Stadium with a stop at Chis’ Hot Dogs in Oakland, maybe a quick stop at Fenton’s on the way home.

domo February 12, 2024 - 5:04 PM - 5:04 PM

Long time ago – luxury suite seats at Candlestick for a Giants game – think it was $48.00 each

Fed Up February 12, 2024 - 5:20 PM - 5:20 PM

$258 U2 at the Sphere last week

Hanne Jeppesen February 12, 2024 - 7:08 PM - 7:08 PM

U2 is a band l would pay a lot to see, especially in the late eighties or early nineties. The Doors and The Band l would probably sell my soul to have seen them, since both bands are so soulful l figured l would get it back. Especially listening to Jim Morrison and Rick Danko. What kills me is my ex husband and l were living in this area when The Band played The Last Waltz at Winter Land.

Dawg February 13, 2024 - 1:40 AM - 1:40 AM

Hanne, I saw The Band at Winterland, and I thought they were phenomenally talented musicians. In those days, it cost $3.00.

Hanne Jeppesen February 13, 2024 - 11:06 AM - 11:06 AM

Dawg, They were, all were multitalented. Levon, Richard and Rick great singers (although my favorite is Rick, such a soulful voice). On Evangaline from The Last Waltz, Rick plays violin, and Levon mandolin, and Richard is drumming, it is available on Utube, Emmylou Harris has such a beautiful clear voice. I have a hard time picking favorites when it comes to The Band, but this one is up there, also Rick singing “A long Black Veil”, and “It makes no difference”, as well as Stage Freight. The first time I heard “Up on Cripple Creek”, I was sold have been a fan ever since. You were so lucky you got to see them.

nytemuvr February 13, 2024 - 2:18 AM - 2:18 AM

@HANNE JEPPESEN….If I remember correctly tickets for the Last Waltz were either $20 or $25 and you got a “sit down” dinner with that. The cost of the tickets were 3 or 4 times as to what most shows were then. Unfortunately I couldn’t get out of work for the show that night. I’d seen most of the performers at one time or the other but never did get to see The Band.

Hanne Jeppesen February 13, 2024 - 11:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Yes the tickets were $25.00. The Last Waltz movie is available for free on TubiTv, or were at least until recently I have watched it a couple of times. Most of the songs performed are available on Utube. I love The Band alway have, especially Robbie and Rick Danko. I read Robbie’s book “Testimony” and also Barney Hopkyns biograpy of The Band, “Across the Great Divide”. Both fascinating and a great read.

Jeff (the other one) February 12, 2024 - 5:29 PM - 5:29 PM

We paid $150 per to see Chicago Bulls play the Washington Bullets, in a playoff game back in 1997. Jordan scored 55 points that game. So electric in that arena during that time.

Fred M February 12, 2024 - 7:08 PM - 7:08 PM

$215.00 for nosebleed seats to see Paul McCartney at Candlestick. It was the last event before they razed it. A bit of trivia: The Beatles’ last concert was at Candlestick.

ClayDen February 12, 2024 - 9:08 PM - 9:08 PM

$400 for a 3 day grandstand seat at the inaugural Circuit of the Americas Formula 1 race in Austin in 2012. Four of us rented a minivan and drove it non-stop both ways. We left Wednesday morning and got back the following Tuesday morning. We stayed in San Antonio, about 80 miles away because the hotel prices in Austin were a lot more expensive. A Super 8 motel in Austin was $500/night with a 4 night minimum, 12 years ago! The rates in San Antonio were the normal rates and we paid a lot less than that at the San Antonio Hilton. It was a great weekend. We had unlimited mileage on the minivan and they were quite surprised when we returned it after a week with about 4,000 miles on it. I don’t remember what the whole thing cost, but it was certainly a lot less than a weekend at the Super Bowl. Was it worth it? We all agreed it was.

nytemuvr February 13, 2024 - 2:08 AM - 2:08 AM

$300 for 2 good seats at the Warfield for Steve Hackett, the guitar player for Genesis in the 70s. What was worse is I got very sick the day of the show and couldn’t go. My date took a girlfriend plus I missed out meeting him after the show. I did see a lot of the show via FB Live she took for me. It kills me to pay for any R’nR shows now as I was fortunate to know a lot of people in the 70s/80s Bay Area music scene and most always could get passes back then to see who ever I wanted to see.

Atticus Thraxx February 14, 2024 - 7:37 PM - 7:37 PM

Vastly underrated guitarist.

Ape February 13, 2024 - 3:23 PM - 3:23 PM

Radiohead at Outside Lands in 2008, I think around $225-$230 for a 3 day event.

Atticus Thraxx February 13, 2024 - 7:57 PM - 7:57 PM

I had to sit through a lecture given by Willian Bennett about Ethics. Though my employer paid for the ticket, I lost about three years of my life listening to one ridiculous, self serving bloviation after another to the point I was starting to wonder was he having fun at our expense, like at The Onion. Mercifully it ended with an open bar Mr. Bennett wisely declined to attend. So I was able to keep my job. 😎

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