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Walnut Creek Police Arrest Vehicle Theft Suspect On Wednesday Afternoon – Man Was Also On Probation


Walnut Creek Police arrested a stolen vehicle suspect on Wednesday afternoon near Newell Ave. and Broadway.

The driver was taken into custody without incident.


He was booked into the county jail in Martinez on auto theft and probation violation charges.

Police did not release the suspect’s identity.


WC---Creeker January 25, 2023 - 4:12 PM - 4:12 PM

Surprise, ‘on probation’, life of crime seems to work around here. Wonder when this person will get arrested next?

domo January 26, 2023 - 7:56 AM - 7:56 AM

Becton probably has them out by now – so next crime will be by end of the week probably – and why no name and picture?

Original G January 25, 2023 - 4:26 PM - 4:26 PM

On parole or probation, the new norm in CA.
Should rip out front doors on jails and install revolving doors.
liberals, . . . . . getting what you voted for.

Ty Allison January 25, 2023 - 4:36 PM - 4:36 PM

He’ll probably be out on the street stealing more cars by tomorrow.

Badge1104 January 25, 2023 - 6:20 PM - 6:20 PM

This is actually true!
So true!
He’ll be out tonight, and be steeling g more cars’
(Or even worse)

Dawg January 25, 2023 - 4:37 PM - 4:37 PM

The judge will add another year to his probation, and give him the standard stern warning, “if I see you in my courtroom again, you will be sent to jail.” He will be back out stealing cars again, knowing he will only get another year added to his probation, and listen to another stern warning. Our liberal justice system is a joke.

Amateur Teacher January 25, 2023 - 4:42 PM - 4:42 PM

Love how WCPD posts as though they are being coy as to how bad this guys life is about to get. When in fact he will be charged and released by the end of the day. There will be some plea for more probation and community service. While there he will make connections of people who will help him be a smarter criminal.

domo January 26, 2023 - 7:58 AM - 7:58 AM

… LE is doing their job – it’s the DA .. Becton

Anon January 25, 2023 - 4:52 PM - 4:52 PM

…..and 15 years later (or however long Claycord has been online) I’ve commented on WHY don’t people invest in a simple autolock pro??? Sure, Nothing is 100%, but most bottom feeders will move on to an easier target.

The Fearless Spectator January 25, 2023 - 5:56 PM - 5:56 PM

Your point is well taken.
If you look at the picture, this guy was busted about a block from the rear entrance to Las Lomas High School. The fact we have bottom feeders is bad enough, and it’s certainly nice when they steal someone else’s car. However it’s worse still when they are hovering around high schools. He was in that area for a purpose and likely would have been regardless of whose car he happened to steal.
The only answers are to get tough on crime, or perfect the exploding stolen car. I’m fine with either, or both.

Original G January 25, 2023 - 6:01 PM - 6:01 PM

Have been using for over a decade, well worth the money.

WC January 25, 2023 - 5:50 PM - 5:50 PM

Who is this guy? As usual – nothing.

dude January 25, 2023 - 7:41 PM - 7:41 PM

They won’t list the names because they know he’s already released………..I don’t blame the PD for the release, I blame the DA diana becton and the sad majority of democratic voters who elected/re-elected her and voted to weaken the laws teeth in CA with Prop 47 and 57 passage. Plus the State AB109.

Lamorinda Larry January 25, 2023 - 11:24 PM - 11:24 PM

I agree; his cellmate told me so.

Jeff January 26, 2023 - 10:06 AM - 10:06 AM

Nice arrest by WCPD, it’s the elected liberals that belong behind bars.

Firestone 11R

Northgate Steve January 26, 2023 - 11:35 AM - 11:35 AM

Seriously. All these liberals letting criminals run free. Go to any republican state and there are no criminals. Look at Florida and Texas, when is the last time you heard of any crime happening there?

Anon January 26, 2023 - 6:57 PM - 6:57 PM

Lol, Northgate Steve……I like the stories where Granny handled her business! Try and do a home invasion & get Blasted!!
2nd Amendment FTW!

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