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Claycord Online Museum – The Old Tower Records Sign In Concord


Look, it’s the old Tower Records sign on Willow Pass Rd. in Concord.

The building is now home to the Hobby Lobby fabric department.

Before it switched to Hobby Lobby, the building housed Rasputin Records for a few years.


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TTD March 7, 2023 - 9:38 PM - 9:38 PM

I loved going to Tower Records buying records! I never ventured to the left of the store where they sold all the drug paraphernalia-lol

nytemuvr March 7, 2023 - 9:53 PM - 9:53 PM

@TTD….Too afraid to set your mind free?

Juryisout March 8, 2023 - 12:12 AM - 12:12 AM

Bought many concert tickets at that store and dated many of the girls working there as well.
Records I’m sure I bought there as well but enjoyed the girls much more than the records. They were so easy back then…

nytemuvr March 8, 2023 - 10:03 AM - 10:03 AM

@JURYISOUT….Same with the cuties at the House of Pies…

Captain Bebops March 8, 2023 - 9:18 AM - 9:18 AM

I’ve mentioned this before but I recall one Saturday morning in 1990s when I went there, found the parking lot full which was not usual. As I was waiting to pay for what I bought I looked over to see Ray Bradbury sitting at a table signing books and a long line waiting. Anyone else there that day?

nytemuvr March 8, 2023 - 10:30 AM - 10:30 AM

@CAPTAIN BEBOPS….I have a vague memory of that while I was shopping on the left side of the store buying a new bong, feather roach clip and rolling papers, maybe even picked up a LP or two.

Cowellian March 8, 2023 - 4:46 PM - 4:46 PM

If I remember correctly, Rasputin wanted to put up a new sign, similar to Tower’s, when they moved in, but the city wouldn’t let them. So they hung a banner over the sign and let Tower shine through.

DH March 8, 2023 - 7:42 PM - 7:42 PM

Married into a family tradition… back on Christmas Day all the kids were bored as the day progressed… some went to go to movie theatres, but we had gift cards to Tower so went there for an hour to get the music/media we wanted. That was a great time.

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