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The Water Cooler – Should Police Departments Release Names Of Suspects And Location Of Incidents?


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Police Departments in the area have stopped posting the names of suspects in probably about 90% of their press releases, and sometimes they don’t even post the location of the incident that occurred.


QUESTION: Do you believe that information is vital and should be released by the police?

Talk about it….


Roz September 18, 2023 - 12:13 PM - 12:13 PM

Some folks would be happier to know and want more info along the way.
Think it’s the ‘woke’ thing that is keeping reports of who and where out of the News.
It’s not that important for me to know all the details.

Original G September 18, 2023 - 12:16 PM - 12:16 PM

Some cities in other states release pictures and charges.
What needs to happen is final disposition of charges, charges reduced or dropped in exchange for a plea and sentence given, where served and if person released early.
Voters need to better informed what DA’s office is doing as well as presiding Judges so informed votes may be cast. As of now we rarely hear of disposition of a case unless it is of high visibility.
How can We The People trust “the system” unless there is rigorous transparency?

Exit 12A September 18, 2023 - 12:28 PM - 12:28 PM

All law enforcement departments should release the name, age, and arrest location of all persons which have been arrested and booked.
Law enforcement should also notify the public of all illegal aliens arrested and booked.

AJ September 18, 2023 - 12:35 PM - 12:35 PM

None of the information is truly ‘vital’. But it can help set minds at ease when we know WHERE something happened. Names are irrelevant, they could be made up. Unless I know the person personally, their name is never something I really want to know, or will remember. Hafþór Björnsson, Scoish Maloish, or Dan Smith… I don’t find the name to be helpful.

I just want to know where and when something happened personally. Release the name when they’re proved guilty.

Dawg September 18, 2023 - 12:42 PM - 12:42 PM

The date, and location should be made public, but I believe in due process, that a person is innocent until proven guilty, and that their name, and picture should not be made public until they have been found guilty. Too many times, a person has had their name and picture posted in the news, only to be found innocent of any wrongdoing. By then, it’s too late, the damage has been done. They could have lost their job, their friends, their marriage, their home, and their family. Depending on the crime, after they have been found guilty, their name and picture can be all over the news.
Personally, I don’t care because it’s unlikely that I would know the person, and most likely I will never see him or her, so it wouldn’t really matter to me.
It’s a different story if a person is a suspect in a crime, and wanted by the police. Then the public has a right to know who it is.

Cowellian September 18, 2023 - 2:05 PM - 2:05 PM

I don’t want the police making secret arrests. That has gone very wrong wherever it’s been implemented.

Hanne Jeppesen September 18, 2023 - 1:19 PM - 1:19 PM

Dawg, I totally agree with you.

Ricardoh September 18, 2023 - 1:31 PM - 1:31 PM

If they post a name but not a picture I look them up on facebook. Caught red handed they should give you all of the info.

FPN September 18, 2023 - 1:55 PM - 1:55 PM

Post their info. hold them accountable to their community. We the community, should know who is committing crimes and the crimes they are committing. Shame is a wonderful tool.

Sandy G September 18, 2023 - 2:07 PM - 2:07 PM

If they have been arrested multiple times, yes, identify them. I believe in due process and innocent til proven guilty. I think we all all know what areas of what cities to avoid. If an area is starting to “go bad” it would be nice to know.

Dr. Jellyfinger September 18, 2023 - 2:27 PM - 2:27 PM

Post names, photos & charges…. but only for soliciting prostitution.
They used to do that way back when & it was hilarious!
I really don’t remember if there were any photos tho.
I think it was in Oakland Tribune.

domo September 18, 2023 - 3:27 PM - 3:27 PM

Once convicted not just arrested…. if not where’s the transparency and what are they trying to hide?

American Citizen September 18, 2023 - 4:15 PM - 4:15 PM

Names, locations, criminals home address, their Social Security number and bank account number if they have one

Dee September 18, 2023 - 5:10 PM - 5:10 PM

Yes and stop with the not publishing names of those under 18. Drop this age to 13 as they all know they are covered now and the age is getting younger and younger and they don’t care

iKrissy September 18, 2023 - 6:19 PM - 6:19 PM


Jojo The Circus Clown September 18, 2023 - 11:25 PM - 11:25 PM


Amateur Teacher September 19, 2023 - 5:04 AM - 5:04 AM

When it’s the mayor of concord getting arrested over and over again. Yes.

Saynogo September 19, 2023 - 9:13 AM - 9:13 AM

Yes! Everyone is Guilty until proven Innocent

Dorothy September 19, 2023 - 10:04 AM - 10:04 AM

I almost, but not quite, agree. I was released from jury duty because I told the judge I had a problem with “innocent until proven guilty.” When asked why I just told him I had lived too long to believe it in full. I still do.

Concord74 September 19, 2023 - 10:06 AM - 10:06 AM

When there is a crime committed and there is a notice to be on the lookout for the losers, I think it would really help if the race, age and general descrip is posted.
How can anyone help if the info just say x number of perps that are male and wearing such-and-such clothes???!! I have heard endless reports that the “motive” is undetermned. When the event occurs btwn midnight and 0200-0300 in specific areas what could possibly be the motive??!!!

Atticus Thraxx September 19, 2023 - 8:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Violent crimes, always.

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