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Traffic Stop Leads To Arrest Of Person On Probation – Gun, Drugs Located During Search


The following is from the Concord Police Department:

Concord Police Officers recently conducted a traffic stop and discovered the driver was unlicensed and on probation.

During a search of the vehicle, Officers found narcotics and evidence of narcotics sales.


SET Officers joined the investigation and conducted a probation compliance check of the arrestee’s home.

The search led to the finding of a short barreled rifle and further evidence of narcotics sales.

NOTE: The name of the suspect was not released by CPD.


Prison Chair September 18, 2023 - 10:25 AM - 10:25 AM

Just put him in the chair and be done with it.

WC September 18, 2023 - 10:26 AM - 10:26 AM

Well, at least. he had a legal 10-round magazine.

Martinezmike September 18, 2023 - 10:43 AM - 10:43 AM

No need for photos of people. Guns are the real criminals

American Citizen September 18, 2023 - 4:17 PM - 4:17 PM

When seconds count the police are minutes away. That’s the time to dial 1911. Go ahead, make my day.

Ricardoh September 18, 2023 - 10:51 AM - 10:51 AM

Thats two in a day or two. Good job. Just think if they had a real Stop and Frisk. If you see a suspicious vehicle stop it for a violation is my suggestion.

Original G September 18, 2023 - 10:56 AM - 10:56 AM

Criminals in SOFT ON CRIME California continue not to disappoint,
NO drivers license and on probation.
Only thing left now, is he legally permitted to posses firearms.
Next step in the process, dismissing or reducing of charges during plea bargain process to avoid cost of a trial.
After all IF convicted of a felony and given a multi year sentence, IF sent to state prison it’s $ 128,000 a year. BUT since DEM state legislature passed AB-109 in 2011, multi year sentences can now be served in county jails taking up a bed. Get enough Felons in your jail, it’s over crowded. Meaning misdemeanor property criminals stealing from you vehicles, businesses and homes get turned out after serving a fraction of their sentence. Can you say revolving door.
What strikes me as a little strange is drunk driving penalties.
Process and penalties are understood by most and for some repeat offender, penalties understood. Yet DEMs haven’t done anything to reduce those penalties, citing victimization of minorities by application of law. No Photo OP press conferences by the “chosen one” liberal political ruling class, complaining of the “inequity” of drunk driving laws.
Why is that ? ? ? ?
For starters, doing their usual pandering before the TV cameras could well be a CLM (career limiting move).
Voters recognize direct correlation between penalties and historic reduction in drunk driving.
Hmm, makes ya wonder if DEMs aren’t using “inequity” thing to foster an us / them mentality, to gain minority voters. Will voters ever wake up to fact they’ve been had and vote the bums out so we can get back to law n order state?
If there is no threat of incarceration,
there is no deterrence to criminal behavior

Have a firearm in your possession during criminal activity you complete your sentence for your crime then start serving an additional ten years for the firearm. Discharge a firearm during a crime do an additional 20 years. Shoot someone do THIRTY YEARS extra.
Bet crime would drop.
But DEMs view prison as too expensive and it might take money away from their green fantasies.

SAM September 18, 2023 - 12:19 PM - 12:19 PM

But democrats want my legal arms

American Citizen September 18, 2023 - 4:19 PM - 4:19 PM

The Democrats want nothing more than to disarm, honest citizens. Make them victims of the criminals. Anybody that’s not buying ammo every pay and firearms to go along with them is crazy. When they come for your guns, give them the ammo first.

Wage Slave September 19, 2023 - 1:47 PM - 1:47 PM

Some context on the gun:

I haven’t kept up with CA law on them since it’s constantly changing and opaque, but federally this is a pistol, not a rifle. No shoulder stock means it’s a pistol, which also means it can have as short a barrel as desired. This is not an SBR as configured.

Additionally, even under CA assault weapon laws, this may be legal. Pistols can have pistol grips, the barrel has a brake, not a flash hider, and the magazine is a ten rounder. If the lower is “off list,” this may be perfectly legal.

The magazine appears to also be unloaded.

If the owner was a convicted felon, possession is illegal, but the gun itself is probably kosher.

domo September 18, 2023 - 3:29 PM - 3:29 PM

…. pictures? names? isn’t the strict gun control of Cali working well for perps? Good job LE! Becton – keep ’em in the pokey!

American Citizen September 18, 2023 - 4:18 PM - 4:18 PM

There is nothing a criminal fears more than an armed homeowner. Absolutely nothing.

Confucius September 18, 2023 - 9:46 PM - 9:46 PM

Why is there a washing machine if it was a traffic stop?

Scot September 20, 2023 - 2:59 AM - 2:59 AM

probably because they found it in house when they conducted the search warrant.

Jojo The Circus Clown September 18, 2023 - 11:35 PM - 11:35 PM

Used have something in journalism.called the “beat” system, and when there used to be real news organizations and real journalists, they actually took their beat seriouly and did real reporting … and there was a thing known as the “crime” beat … reporters knew the cops and some criminals … and they actually developed rapports or sources … whenever police refused to release info on an arrest, that would typically raise red flags … maybe a judge, celeb, cop, or political figure … and depending how connected they were to mayor or police executive level leadership, it sometimes required FOIA action … anyhow … a short history briefing on journalism … #RIPJOURNALISM … Nowadays, the media is majority owned/controlled by just a handful owners and corporate advertisers.

Atticus Thraxx September 19, 2023 - 7:49 PM - 7:49 PM

There are five features on that weapon that make that weapon illegal to own, sell or transfer in our republik. Can you name all five?

Angry American September 20, 2023 - 1:34 PM - 1:34 PM

none (if registered completely legal) if it is registered as a pistol. “buffer tube is not a stock”. Pistol: under 14″ barrel length, no ability to shoulder or support weapon (SBR), no more than ten rounds in magazine. If the compensator is fixed with a crush washer then it is determined to be permanent (deletes threaded barrel) no secondary holding attachments (forward grip) completely legal pistol.

Atticus Thraxx September 20, 2023 - 7:21 PM - 7:21 PM

It meets five of the criteria for an assault weapon pursuant to Senate Bill 23 Assault Weapon Characteristics. Additionally a completely legal pistol would appear on the CA DOJ list of approved handguns for sale.
Angry doesn’t mean informed.

Atticus Thraxx September 20, 2023 - 7:26 PM - 7:26 PM

It meets five of the criteria for an assault weapon pursuant to Senate Bill 23 Assault Weapon Characteristics. Additionally a completely legal pistol would appear on the CA DOJ list of approved handguns for sale.
Angry doesn’t mean informed. I ain’t big dogging ya bud, but your belief system has no place in this discussion.

Please read:

Angry American September 21, 2023 - 1:18 PM - 1:18 PM

Seems funny I can buy one here.
Is not an assault weapon
once again if registered as a pistol (handgun) completely legal
not given a name we have no idea if it is on the roster or not or is pre-ban.
Are AR AR pistols illegal in California?
With limited exceptions, California prohibits anyone from possessing an assault weapon (as defined by state law), unless they lawfully possessed the firearm before it was classified as an assault weapon and registered the firearm with the California Department of Justice (“DOJ”) within specified timeframes.Jan 3, 2023
so once again if registered….completely legal.
goes back to that argument thing…the only thing it proves is that there were at least two people present.
and back to the original point….it ain’t an SBR.
and no hard feelings my friend, I appreciate the conversation.

1791 September 21, 2023 - 4:36 PM - 4:36 PM

Hey Atticus,

What’s your best guess for the muzzle velocity on that POS? I’m thinking about 1800. And don’t Big Dog me!

Atticus Thraxx September 21, 2023 - 6:39 PM - 6:39 PM

I try to help, but some people just have to learn the hard way. Remember it won’t be me you’ll be arguing with should it become an issue, it’s the State of California. I wish you good luck with that. 😎🇺🇸

Atticus Thraxx September 21, 2023 - 6:40 PM - 6:40 PM

Hot 5.56 ammo.runs over 3000 fps at the muzzle.

nytemuvr September 21, 2023 - 9:35 PM - 9:35 PM

@ATTICUS THRAXX… IMO, no where near 3,000 fps with that short barrel plus a round would only burn about half the powder. I think 1791 is close with that 1800 fps estimate….still plenty enough.

Angry American September 20, 2023 - 6:05 AM - 6:05 AM

there is no stock, no brace and no way to shoulder the weapon…..not a short barreled rifle (SBR) it is a pistol.
come on guys get the story straight.

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